Re: Looking for currently manufactured UV fluorescent tubes

Jennifer Williams,

Thank you, Keith! This is all very helpful info.

I see I didn't say the tube size, but our unit takes 48" tubes (and is from 1998, so also 20 years old).

This bulb has the same description as the 24" one you suggested, so that sounds like a good option for us.

Also, glad to hear the LED strips are working ok, too. I bought some small 365nm units for students to use at home or socially distanced in the lab/studios. They print roughly 4x5/5x7ish size and they speedy (I saw Mark Osterman use one in a demo for the Eastman House).

I see now, with the scarcity of bulb choices, it's probably a good idea to try to convert our unit to LEDs, maybe one drawer at a time. There are eight drawers total - the unit is built into the wall and has its own ventilation. Plus, it's annoying replacing ballasts, so it'd be great to get rid of them.

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