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Hi Jen,
Unfortunately, Sandy’s article that you linked to is about 20 years old and most of the specific products mentioned are no longer available. The Philips bulb in your other link is also discontinued.
I used to use those same Voltarc AQA tubes back in the ‘90s. Then I used Hitachi F20T9/BL tubes that were about twice as fast until they started to fail a couple years ago, and I found they were also discontinued. I found a different Philips tube to replace them – Philips Actinic BL TL-D 18W – and they have been performing well. Here are links to some of suppliers:
The exact item and supplier I bought :
A different version from the same supplier:
Exact same item from a different supplier:
Note that these are all 24” tubes. I made a unit 24" x 40” to fit my available space using 24 of these tubes. It’s wicked fast.
I also built a smaller LED unit as a sort of prototype from something bigger. It too works well even with 395nm LED strips which I chose to try because the 365nm versions that I could find at the time (about 2 years ago) were insanely expensive.
For your situation, as long as you are using 24” tubes, I think links above are just what you are looking for.

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Hi everyone,
I work at a college in New York and we have stacked, drawer-based UV exposure unit. Each drawer has approx. 12-14 bulbs each. At the moment, we're using Voltarc F40T12/AQA P/N 16649 bulbs. I just swapped out the last four we had to replace burnt out ones. I can't find the exact same ones anywhere, so I thought I'd try to find another type that is currently available.
I was reading over Sandy King's excellent info page and thought: why not swap out one unit with BL or BLB bulbs to speed up exposures? 
The thing is, I can't seem to find any of the bulbs she recommended (discontinued), so before going down an internet rabbit hole of looking at similar bulbs, I thought I'd ask the group if they have any current T12 tubes they'd recommend. 
Alternatively, does anyone know if I can use something like this and it would be similar enough to what I have?
Thanks you any help!


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