Looking for currently manufactured UV fluorescent tubes

Jennifer Williams,

Hi everyone,
I work at a college in New York and we have stacked, drawer-based UV exposure unit. Each drawer has approx. 12-14 bulbs each. At the moment, we're using Voltarc F40T12/AQA P/N 16649 bulbs. I just swapped out the last four we had to replace burnt out ones. I can't find the exact same ones anywhere, so I thought I'd try to find another type that is currently available.
I was reading over Sandy King's excellent info page and thought: why not swap out one unit with BL or BLB bulbs to speed up exposures? 
The thing is, I can't seem to find any of the bulbs she recommended (discontinued), so before going down an internet rabbit hole of looking at similar bulbs, I thought I'd ask the group if they have any current T12 tubes they'd recommend. 
Alternatively, does anyone know if I can use something like this and it would be similar enough to what I have?
Thanks you any help!


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