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a) Ammonium nitrate is a restricted substance at least in the EU see Annex I in;from=EN and even if you are a professional user (in German "Gewerblich") it can be difficulty to obtain a small amount.

b) Other suggestions:

1. Adding gelatin and glutaraldehyde to your cyanotype chemistry see (in English) 6% are to much (emulsion is to viscous) so I cut it to 4% see (in German only). Mixtures are stable for more than 1.5 years @ RT (room temperature) see
Modification would be to take only the gelatin and reduce the amount to 1 to 2% @ the potassium ferricyanide solution. Should gave you a additional layer with will stain your spots.....

2. Not tested: To replace the gelatin from recipe above with polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl acetate, which will make the same...adding a layer where the formed pigment will be withhold, covering the areas of the spots after development.

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Mike W: I’d be happy to run the test you suggest. Lacking institutional affiliation, I’m struggling to find a supplier for ammonium nitrate— there appears to be a reluctance based on other infamous uses (If anyone has a suggestion about sourcing ammonium nitrate, please let me know).

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