Re: Ferric lactate type sensitizers


I have a Canson XL pad. I will make a few prints on that, so there is a more direct comparison.


On Nov 18, 2020, at 4:59 PM, Niranjan Patel, via <nirpat89@...> wrote:

I operate in a bare-bones environment, I'm afraid  Nothing sophisticated like light meters.  Also my current paper of choice is the cheap Canson XL (which I have studied to death) or slightly more expensive Arches Bright White HP watercolor paper.  I have also tested Bergger COT 320 but didn't pursue it in preference to the other two.  I do not have the HPR paper. 

Anyway, I think it will be nearly impossible to compare meaningfully cross-wise your process with mine except for general characteristics, considering how cyanotypes are with regards to slightest change in the conditions (as I have learned.)  But I intend to try and compare this still undetermined new process with my own best-case control based on the classic chemistry.   Ultimately any new process has to deliver better results in making a print - otherwise it's all academic (which is fine by me as a great learning exercise...)

Let's see how it goes!


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