Re: Ferric lactate type sensitizers



Likely to be some difference beyond two different people doing it. 

There will be more to learn though if you go this route. If you keep things recorded: concentrations, drying time, method of drying, temp, humidity, paper, coating qty, we may be able to compare the two results to some degree. The paper I have on hand is hahnemuhle platinum rag, but let me know. Do you have a UV meter? I have one from lightmeasure, PPM3, not sure though how they vary from lot to lot.

Peter Friedrichsen

On Nov 18, 2020, at 1:14 PM, Niranjan Patel, via <nirpat89@...> wrote:

Thanks Peter, I will order the 88% one then. 

I have never done this ferric hydroxide route.  On the other hand, I am thinking doing the Simple process first - I already have ferric nitrate and ammonium carbonate.  Of course, that would mean the comparison with your results may not be directly applicable.  But still it can be compared with the citrate-based sensitizer.   It will be interesting to see if I can reproduce the color shift and the subsequent reversal.  I will be sure to report here soon as I get something. 


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