Re: Ferric lactate type sensitizers


Hi Niranjan, 

I don’t see why the simple cyanotype process could not be adapted for lactic acid, hard to say though for sure..something more to try.

The achilles heal with the nice depth and shade of the FAL print is its instability after being light faded. Mind you this was from a fresh print. I haven’t tried it on my few test strips that are 4 mos old. Always something more to check out.!

Peter Friedrichsen

On Nov 17, 2020, at 9:07 AM, Niranjan Patel, via <nirpat89@...> wrote:

Wow, Peter - that is some dark blue.  I have been going in circles trying make a classic cyanotype having both high Dmax and clean whites.  May be this has inherently those qualities.

I wonder if FAL can be made in situ a la the Simple cyanotype. 


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