Re: Making Ferric Oxalate from Scratch


OK, Niranjan. 
Lactotype it is, if you prefer the Latin root, or more correctly Galatype, if the Greek ( Γαλα = 'milk'). I like the hybrid Galactotype because it has a cosmic ring to it!

Why start with Fe(II) salts, when Fe(III) salts are cheaply available? Using H2O2 as an oxidant, with simple aliphatics around, might invite the attention of those who question your motives...
verbum sapienti.

17 years ago, I tried ferric lactate mixed with silver lactate as a sensitizer, and got quite fair brown argentotype images, but some loss in the processing. Silver lactate by itself also prints out, as discovered, I think, by Liam Lawless, but tends to fog in the processing. Ferric lactate would probably also provide a cyanotype process.
Mike Ware

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