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Juan Miguel

Hello everyone and greetings from Spain. Jesús Limarquez, you know 2 in this forum, Tomás and me.

El 3/11/20 a las 8:33, Jesus Limarquez Salas escribió:
Hello everyone
I introduce myself, my name is Jesus Limarquez, and I have been doing alternative techniques for more than 20 years. I personally know a member of the forum like Tomas Sobota that I appreciate very much.
I do not specialize in any specific technique, although I have been using wet collodion, aristotype, oilprint, transported carbon, vandyke, kallitype, etc. for many years, although I do some other techniques from time to time.
Thank you for accepting me in this forum and I hope to collaborate and above all ... to be understood because my English is from google translator :)
Greetings to all

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