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Thanks for sharing this so freely Mike...
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Simple Cyanotype

Critical tests of cyanotype by John Isner, leading exponent of the Piezo Digital Negative system, have inspired me to devise a sensitizer that is much more reliable than the ‘Classic’ cyanotype and more photochemically precise than my ‘New’ version of 1995. To distinguish it from the other two, this novel sensitizer formulation is named ‘Simple’ cyanotype, because it is simple to make up - very cheaply - using simple chemicals, and simply offers control of contrast - an asset that the cyanotype process has hitherto lacked.

Instructions for the preparation and use of the sensitizer may be downloaded gratis from my web pages at:
see under Workshop Notes for the 3.5 MB file: SimpleCyan.pdf.

There’s also a related essay entitled Towards an Unproblematic Cyanotype Chemistry, which explains the background technical history of this development, at:

It’s my hope that this little piece of “enabling chemistry” may prove useful to some alternative photography printers.

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