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Fernando Cruz

Los recibo desde bogota, colombia
Fernando Cruz
Teléfono 57 -1 -2494755
Movil 57 - 3108686025
Codigo postal 110311
twitter @fotocolombiana
skype fernandocruzflorez

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2014-03-07 7:05 GMT-05:00 Tomas Sobota <tom@...>:

Hi Kees,

Greetings from Madrid. I'm receiving the posts from the new site just fine.
Thanks for all your hard work :-)


On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 8:00 PM, Kees Brandenburg <workshops@...>wrote:

hi all,

We have changed server and it is my great pleasure to see we also have
some 'lost' people back on board!
I must appologize for this inconvenience all these months. For some never
known reason the old list IP was blacklisted by a few US providers.
Our old provider's support staff wasn't able to sort this out. Mail for
about 20 list members never reached their mailboxes.
Some of them have contacted me in the past to sort this out and sometimes
changed their subscription address.

There is a slight change in the address of the new subscribe/unscribe
form, but to make things as easy as possible everything can easiy be
accessed from the main domains homepage:
A link to that page is at the bottom of every email from the list you

to the subscription form:
to chanche your opstions:
to unsubscribe:

If you have links on your personal site to the list please use the new
links above!
Please let me know if something is not as it should be...

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