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Andy Schmitt

Wow...sorry to hear that thought you are doing what I should do too... :(
Good luck with it..


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Hi all,

If anyone here in the NYC area is in need of 13x19 Pictorico OHP transparency, I have 5 unopened boxes of 20 sheets. Also 1 pack of 20 sheets of 8.5x11. Asking $180 for the lot for anyone who can swing by and pick up from my studio in Brooklyn.

I also have a bunch more stuff including film from 4x5 - 11x14 (that I'd like to sell as a lot if possible) and my entire 11x14 Deardorff V11 kit with everything needed to shoot ULF.

I also have some chemicals and other alt-process darkroom stuff.

If you'd like more info, please just shoot me an email and I can tell you what's available.

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