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Congratulations!!! I'm still light years from your skills and those of
others in this list but seeing such excellence makes me want to work even
harder to get there. Now if I could only have another 8 hours in a day :-)


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Thirst of all thanks to Kees and all the previous group minders for keeping
this project alive

On a second note I was attending the opening reception at the Yosemite
Renaissance XXIX and was surprised and delighted to have won the grand prize
and best of the show. The print in the show was gum bichromate and graphite
pigment and very pictorialist like in nature. I need to thank many of you
that have contributed to my growth as a gum printer over the years. In case
you missed my earlier post with the picture here it is.

full listing of all the pieces exhibited in the show will be published
later, you can see the quality and diversity of the artwork in the show.

Happy bday to the list

Marek Matusz

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