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Andy Schmitt

A few years ago, when I was still running the department at Peters Valley, Tillman Crane and I came across a complete Palladio kit buried in the back of the storage cabinet.
Since Tillman was giving a Palladium printing class at the time, it seemed appropriate we open it & try it. It worked delightfully. Unfortunately you couldn't really tune the base image since its pre-coated.
Tillman seemed pleased with the results so there's a bit of historical data for you.
Have a wonderful day all..


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What I am about to say is not scientific proof, just examples from my experience. I sometimes get vertigo and it comes on rather quickly. My PT/PD prints are about 95% palladium and 5% platinum. A number of times, I have coated paper and suddenly had an attack of vertigo so I have had to stop work. I have exposed coated paper from between 24 to 48 hours later, but no longer than that. I haven't noticed a change in speed, contrast or fog but I have noticed that the finished prints looked warmer in color.

*****I do rehumidify the paper before exposing whether I have coated it an hour earlier or 48 hours earlier. I dev in Pot Ox at 40 C.

On another note, there was once the Palladio Company that sold PT/PD printing kits with pre-coated paper and packaged dev and clearing bath. This is how I got started. I made some decent prints with the pre-coated paper but not as nice as what I make now. So there must be a way to pre-coat and use later.

I now defer to those much more experienced in this to answer you further.


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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any experience with coating palladium and then storing the paper for later use? From what I understand it will fog if not exposed the same day, but perhaps am I wrong in thinking so? So i’ve never tried it… I’d love to be able to prepare 10 sheets at a time and not worry about having to expose them the same day.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Best wishes,


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