All Swing DJ

Share your knowledge and experience with us and get the information you need to perform in a professional manner... even if you do it for kicks!

We are a group of experienced DJs who combine our expertise to advance our common interest in swing dance music by: 
  • Networking and collaborating
  • Furthering the continuing education of our DJs by: 
    • Sharing expertise in DJ skills, equipment, and business and legal concerns**
    • Sharing lists of new, as well as classic, music for all styles of swing dance 
    • Discussing music-related topics, such as music trends and danceability 
    • Mentoring our less experienced DJs 
The group maintains an extensive archive of discussions and song lists dating back to January 2002. 
Whether you are an active or aspiring swing dance DJ, you are welcome, as long as you meet our participation requirements. If you happen to be an event director, head judge, or teacher, in addition to being a DJ, we welcome your multidisciplinary perspective.
Our focus is not on a particular form of swing dance or on a particular music genre.

If your music swings or is swingable to the dancer, you've found a home!

On our website,, you can find links to:
  • Our Facebook group 
  • The Koppelman Award (All Swing DJ of the Year)™ 
  • The Wetzel Award (Swing DJ Hall of Fame)™ 
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**We do not condone copyright infringement by sharing commercially available tracks.

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