We are a fun WAR group and are accepting new members.
BUT, before you can join us, you MUST be a member in good standing of our Main group:


Wars will vary month to month and will be held at least one weekend per month. 
A Warrior Leader is chosen from our Members each Month.
Themes are selected by the Warrior Leader for their Month.

Our Current Warrior Queen is:
Sandi, as Warrior Queen, has declared this specially schedule WAR

Theme for November 11th -November 13th:
Sandi has selected a theme that many of us love:


"Animals in the Wild"
November 11th - November 13th

No Incredimail please.

Previews must be shown of all shares, including PNG's, Scrap Kits, Comp and Alpha Sets, Fonts, Masks, etc. 

Subject must state what is being shared: ex: TUBE, SK, WA, EB, MOV, MUS, MISC, TEMP, MASK,SAC - Generic Names ONLY.

If sharing links, please add "Link" as well as an expiration date in subject line.

Depending upon members' input, wars may happen more frequently.
War Themes are determined via member input, as well.

Our members are our most valuable asset!

You MUST be a member of our MAIN group to be a member of this group!
Come and join in the fun.






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