The end of the Tecsun line

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Tecsun Radios have released 3 new radio models though details are very sketchy at this time and I have only seen one review on one of the new models.
The PL990 is the replacement for the PL880 and the other 2 models include a bigger set with 2 speakers and a smaller set.
If my information is to be believed then these sets from Tecsun are the last we will see developed by the company.
People who know the PL880 should be very pleased with the replacement PL990 which has all the same functions and features with a few extra bells and whistles including Bluetooth streaming and MP3 playback.
I believe the sound of the speaker has been enhanced, if this is true then the radio should sound absolutely or some as the PL880 is already one of the best sounding portables for its size on Planet Earth.
I sincerely hope that Tecsun have done something about the reception on Medium and Long-Wave which was inconsistent to say the least from set to set.