Sound Forge 12 Question About Choosing Recording Inputs

Steve Matzura

I have Sound Forge 12 installed on two computers. ON the first one, everything works as it should. I have the Realtek line-in jack selected as primary input, and whatever I plug in there, Sound Forge dutifully records it.

Not so on the second machine. The setup is just the same, but Sound Forge just doesn't record anything when I arm the window and start recording. I don't know whether this is because my inputs aren't properly selected, although the display appears exactly the same as it is on the first machine, or whether I'm not actually moving the transport as I think I am when I  press the Control plus Shift plus R keystroke.

And another oddity: I Have Jim Snowbarger's scripts for JAWS installed on both machines, and while Control plus Shift plus A and Control plus Shift plus R work on machine 1, they don't on machine 2, even though JAWS Key plus Q tells me the scripts are properly installed and running.

Any help greatly appreciated, with my thanks in advance.