Portable Audio Converter

Howard Traxler <howard@...>

Hello Listers,

Has anyone here purchased what they call a

"Portable Audio Converter"?

It's a little square box that will accept audio (two-channel stereo) from a line level source and digitize it directly to a thumb drive or SD card.  It's price is in the $40 range.

I bought one of these and started using it to digitize my records and cassettes.  I started using 16 gig thumb drives.  It would start recording andsometimes stop before the program material ended.  I returned it to the dealer who tested it out and determined that I should just not use 16 gig cards.  They returned it to me and I've now been using it on an 8 gig card and it seems to work fine.  Wonder what it would do with cards or thumb drives larger than 16 gig?

I'm wondering about anyone else's experience with this device. It's not blind-friendly, but I like it anyway.

Anybody else have one?