Plex Web; Re: [all-audio] for a sighted user

Danny Miles

Hi Dane and All. I've just downloaded Plex Web on a Windows 10 laptop
using NVDA, and the software is definitely installed because it shows
up in my search results and the Add and Remove Programs list.
However, whenever I try to load the app, nothing seems to happen (I
can't even use shift + tab to move to it, because it just isn't
showing as being physically there). Is NVDA incompatible with the
software and, if not, how can I get the app visible to me? I'm
assuming it's a screen overlay that can't be read by a screenreader
but, presuming that my memory is serving me correctly and Dane is
totally blind, this can't be true.

Any help will be gratefully received, as will advice on storage
capacity limits and whether media can be uploaded to the Plex server
from an external hard drive or only from a PC/laptop drive.

Take care, Danny

On 8/25/19, Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...> wrote:
Take a look at Plex Media Server.
It will organise all the media on a computer and you can access this through
your TV and sound system, Smart Phone etc so its all in the one package.
If you wish to go further then you can with a Plex Pass which allows further
integration of media into your system along with the recording and
organising of TV, the integration of online TV, Podcasts, Music etc.
I’ve been using Plex here since the beginning of the year and there’s no
turning back now whether you be a novice user or a power tech user.

On 25 Aug 2019, at 3:12 pm, Howard Traxler <howard@...>

Hi folks,

I would like to set up a system that my wife could use---with no computer
knowledge. I have computers with assorted operating systems and external
drives /music folders, and input (audio) to her TV and stereo system. Is
there a software package that she could use to make our music play into
her tv and sound system?

Thank you much.



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