Plex media server and yet another Mac mini machine

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Subject line pretty well sums it up really, who wouldn’t go past the opportunity of grabbing a top spec 2012 Mac mini machine for less than $500 Australian.
I already have 3 2012 Mac mini machines doing work at my place, 1 being a server and the other 2 are devoted to audio work
The market for the late 2012 Mac mini has changed drastically in 12 months.
12 months ago - if you wanted a top spec Mac mini Late 2012 Server edition - you were looking at $1000 or more.
The Mac mini machines from 2012 are dead reliable and don’t have that many issues to consider as far as maintenance goes, even less if you decide to fit the Mini with SSD drives which can be done.
I’ve written about the wonderful Plex Media server App so and how the app can turn your PC or Mac etc into a fully fledged media server where the Plex App manages your TV Shows, Movies, Podcasts, Photos and just about every other type of media you can possibly think of.
In the last few days I’ve set up remote access to Plex which adds yet another dimension to the Plex system.
I know other users of Plex, they have enabled remote access to their Plex PVR systems - part of the Media Server -, its fascinating to see what people on the other side of the world are watching on their free-to-air TV.
Plex Media server can be downloaded from <> and is free.
For added functionality including a very accessible PVR you will need a “Plex Pass” which is $49 per year.
Plex Media Server is a cross platform App which even has a variant for Apple TV though I’ve not found the Apple TV App accessible with VoiceOVer.
If you wish to use Plex Media Server as a PVR then you will need an additional TV Tuner such as one of the Silicondust models at <>
The Silicondust TV Tuners connect directly to your network thus any device on your network can take full advantage of the TV tuner.