More on Radioboss Radio DJ and Automation Software

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Hi Everyone,

I mentioned Radioboss around a week ago and before that I mentioned the
software around 2 years ago.

At the time I forwarded an eMail message to the list from a friend who was
successfuly using the Radioboss software at his local Hospital Radio
station, Friend is also totally blind.

So that was "Then" and this is "Now". I will save my comments regarding
"Then" for later in this eMail but for the time being will focus on the
present "Now".

My friend Gordon had suggested I have another look at Radioboss last week
after I made the suggestion that I purchase Station Playlist whatever its
called these days.

I did intend to purchase the full version of Station Playlist even though
the price is rather high and this is something I'll go into further shortly.

Gordon suggested I try Radioboss and see what I thought.

Radioboss is easy to find at where you can
downloaded the Advanced version to try.

I've been exploring Radioboss for a week and was pleased to note that the
author seems to have gone out of his way to make the software accessible.

Actually there's an accessibility toggle in the "View" menu which was turned
off for the majority of my testing thus far.

The Software boasts plenty of shortcut key combinations and more can be set
for functionality if required.

So how does Radioboss sound? Here is a link to an hour of the testing I did
to see how the audio and DSP sounded with Radioboss.

The processing needs a little tweaking which I can do but I think right out
of the box Radioboss sounds very good indeed so have a listen yourself at

So now to when I mentioned Radioboss on the then pc-audio list around 2
years ago with the forwarded eMail.

I was disappointed with the reaction of some list members.

Yes some tried the software but said that Radioboss would never be
accessible because of the language the software was written in.

Another list member wrote to Gordon directly and asked him not to advertise
the fact that their was a competitor to Station Playlist as this person
wanted to develop JAWS scripts for Station Playlist and didn't want any
interference thanks very much.

As a blind person myself I found both attitudes quite astounding and my view
is very simple.

The more choice we have then the better for all.

I have no problem with anyone using Station Playlist, Radioboss or whatever
and if you're able to use the software then let's hear some positive
feedback regarding your experience and some encouragement rather than
selfish netativity.

One can download a trial of Radioboss Advanced from or
purchase the full Radioboss Advanced for $249 US which is less than half the
price of Station Playlist Whatever.

Different versions of Radioboss are available allowing extra plugins to be
added for more functionality and flexibility but Radioboss Advanced has all
of the bells and whistles so I thought I'd go with that given the price tag.