Microphone Test

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

The following test comes curtesy of my friend Tom.
Tom has 3 pairs of Bluetooth headphones each with a microphone as he explains in this Demo, a pair from B&O, a pair from B&W and a pair from Bose.
The B&O and Bose pairs have noise cancelling where you hear the difference in how the microphone sounds due to processing.
The B&W P5 pair has no noise cancelling and - in my opinion - sounds more natural.
Having said that however the B&O and Bose pairs are not uncomfortable to listen to.
Anyway judge for yourself.
I forward this on as I’m sure there are a lot of list members out there wondering just how the microphones sound on headsets these days.
Surprisingly - although the Sony is rated as the best noise cancelling headsets available - the microphones of these headsets sound absolutely dreadful when it comes to making phone calls.