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Hi there,
I’ve had my iPad mini 2019 model for just over a week now and I really enjoy using the machine.
I had an iPad mini 4 but was glad to be rid of the unit as performance gradually declined and the machine became slower to use.
Thankfully with the new model speed seems to be the name of the game and I would have to say that the Mini is blindingly fast it seems, open an App and its opened instantly or so it seems.
There are some very good reasons to consider an iPad mini apart from the obvious size.
Apple have decided to leave the physical Home button on the Mini along with the fingerprint reader and that’s just the way I like it.
The headphone socket is also available.
Apple have left the Lightning connector on the Mini too so if you have plenty of IOS accessories then you’re going to be right at home.
Price is reasonable given that the iPad mini is using the latest A12 chip found in Apple’s Premium iPhone models so that accounts for the great performance.
I have an iPad 12 Pro 2nd Generation which is undoubtedly the best iPad machine I’ve ever used however the Pro is just far too big to use when one is sitting in an easy chair wanting to browse mail, read books with the Focus Braille Display or whatever.
The Min has stereo speakers which sound very nice but sound is very directional and can be easily muffled if you don’t have the Mini pointing in the right direction.
Speakers are close together so stereo separation is a bit of a problem. I would have preferred it if Apple had put a speaker either end of the Mini - 1 speaker at the top and one at the bottom - as this arrangement would have allowed for better clarity of sound but Apple have there reasons.
This model of iPad mini was released in March this year so why the hurry for me to buy one? I guess the fear of this model disappearing and being replaced with a model that had face recognition was the main factor for me added the good reviews I’ve seen the iPad mini get.
I believe the new iPad Air which is bigger than the iPad mini shares the same identical specifications as the Mini.


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