List Stuff


Ladies and gentlemen,

I did set the list member who asked about digest mode to
digest. I will do that for anybody who might want it. Each
subscriber can do it themselves by going to
groups dot i o
and searching for all-audio. It will ask for your e-mail
address and it will want you to enter a password. Once you do

all this you will be able to make all kinds of adjustments to

your subscription. None of this is required for you to be
subscribed to the list and receive or post messages.

Eventually I want to remove the all-audio from the subject
line. The pc audio list did not have anything identifying it
but if enough subscribers like it I'll keep it. I'll be doing

something about all the footer lines too.

Also, eventually, I want to make a website for the list. I
really liked the way messages were archived for the pc audio
list. Of course, groups i o has archives but getting to them
aren't as convenient.

Thank you for sticking with the changes.

Tom Dimeo

Colin Howard


Please keep All-audio in the subject line as it helps so much with my rules
and filters.


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