Just purchased Radioboss Broadcasting and automation software

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Subject line says it all.

Fort those in Australia the total cost is $335 for the Advanced version
which includes GST.

If you're buying in the US the total cost is $235 for the Advanced version
of Radioboss, such is the value of the Australian dollar these days.

I've been trialing Radiobos and discovering many of the features/functions
this package has to offer.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the flexibility on offer in the Radioboss
package along with accessibility.

I've had to relabel a few edit boxes and so on but nothing more than that.

Go to and take the product for a spin yourself.

The help section in the App is very detailed. If that's not enough then you
can use google to hunt up extra information from the Radioboss web site and
other forums.

Highly Recommended.