Getting a Clean Fade in GoldWave

Danny Miles

Hi everyone. This is a problem that I've faced on and off over the
years and I'd be very grateful for any help that will solve the
problem for me in future.

Quite often, I have recordings (radio, music, etc) where I wish to
even off the end but there's only a second or less of space between
the last sound that I wish to keep and the end of the file (including
any catches that may present themselves due to the natural results of
stopping a file's recording or other environmental sounds). I tend to
find that doing a logarithmic fade is much more effective than a
linear fade (the latter seems to work/sound much better with longer
fades) but, on the occasions described above, the lack of space
between the end of the sound recording and the end of the file means
that even a logarithmic fade cannot completely remove the abrupt noise
which I associate with the end of a file unless I compromise the last
syllable or two of the recording (I guess it's just the rough
transition from noise to complete silence without technical
intervention). If the issue that I'm describing makes any sense, I'd
be grateful for advice on how I can best even off the ends of my files
(I suppose I'm looking for the audio equivalent of sanding down the
edges of a piece of wood).

Really sorry if this is all just waffle and, of course, thanks in
advance for any help.

Take care, Danny

On 12/2/17, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
MP3DC is not designed to be a full-function audio editor. It's primary
purpose is to enable the user to clip out portions of an MP3 file and
save either the clipped-out bit or the bit from which the clip was
removed. Its interface is klugey at best. You'd be much better off with
GW if you want to do anything fancier than simply clipping out portions
of MP3's. I know it's a little tedious to learn, but once you do, you'll
rule your audio editing world.

On 12/1/2017 7:39 PM, Hamit Campos wrote:
Ah Sound Forge Audio Studio woulda been something around there too.So
SF is out too I guess. Oh wells.

On 12/1/2017 7:26 PM, Evan Reese wrote:
Thanks Dean and Tom,
I'll check out MP3 Direct Cut. For all I need, 50 dollars, (which is
what I think GoldWave costs), is not worth it.

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I'd like to second the recommendation for MP3 Direct Cut. It does
what you need with full keyboard support and very quickly.

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Hey Guys,
Can anyone recommend an audio editor that’s simpler than GoldWave? I
got the free version here, and I just can’t figure out much of it.
I got a list of keyboard commands, but when I try them, they don’t do
what the list says they’re supposed to do. Apparently, I have to be
in the Green Play Area, or is it the Yellow Play Area, or whatever.
It’s just too complicated.
Pretty much all I want to do is change volume, and select a portion
of a file and be able to delete it. I may find another function or
two I might want, but really, this is too much. Besides, the free
version limits you to 200 commands, which it seems I can use up
pretty fast arrowing around in a file trying to find the place I want
to edit out.
Oh, and I suppose it should go without saying that it should be
accessible with JAWS or Window Eyes.
Thanks much for any advice.

Colin Howard


How about inserting half a second of silence at the end of the piece on
which you desire to make the fade?

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Danny Miles

Hi Colin. Thanks for that suggestion. I'd already tried that but I
felt it still wasn't getting the desired results. I guess it can be a
matter of milliseconds, so if I mucked around for long enough that
principle might work. :)


On 12/2/17, Colin Howard <Colin@...> wrote:

How about inserting half a second of silence at the end of the piece on
which you desire to make the fade?

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