FM Transmitter

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Since we’re discussing FM Transmitter problems I thought I’d take the time to look up reviews of the now legendary C.Crane FM Transmitter II.
What I’ve read in the review linked to below sounds impressive to the point that I will most certainly buy one when I get the chance, the transmitter will go very well with the audio processor I have here which makes my Internet Audio sound very much like Kearth 101 etc.
Even though I don’t specifically need a FM transmitter as I much prefer streaming around my house the C.Crane unit will be something nice to conduct experiments with.
For example I know that I have heaps of interference on the FM band generated from not only within my own house but from surrounding areas so I’m curious to know how a FM transmitter would cope with this.
Like in the US, there aren’t too many vacant spots on the FM band for clear transmission in Australia - or at least the region I’m residing in - so how well will the C.Crane II transmitter cope with all that? All to be revealed I dare say <smile>
The link to the review of the C.Crane FM Transmitter II is below.