[BlindTech] Software Defined Radio

Evan Reese

Hi David,
The address of the All Audio list is:
SDR is software defined radio. Rather than spend time writing out what it is, here's a link to an introduction to SDR:

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I don't have an answer to your question, but what is the address of
the all audio list and what is sdr?


On 1/6/20, Evan Reese <mentat1@...> wrote:
Hey Guys,
I posted this question to the All Audio list but got no response.
A friend of mine was telling me a bit about Software Defined Radio and it
sounded pretty interesting. He doesn’t use a screenreader though, so he
couldn’t tell me whether any programs were accessible.
Has anyone here played with SDR? I have JAWS, so I would be particularly
interested if any SDR packages are useable with that.
Thanks a lot.