Blaze EZ and Blutooth codacs.

Hamit Campos

Hi friends. Maybe I'm going too geeky here and maybe it's not user doable.
But I remember the Blaze players from Hims are Android based. Now to the
geeking out part. Does any one know what version? I know when they came out
they weren't on the latest greightest android. Don't know now. Why it
matters. Now we go super geeky. Do these things have any way of accessing
the blutooth codacs and if they are on android 11 making them spit out LDAC?
Which is Sony's HD codac. Or hell even just APTX? If these blindness players
don't how many of you have tried Sony's NW-A105 digital Walkman? Yes I know
I know we can't use the screen. But could we just play things on it once we
set and forget what ever we wished to with a sighted person?