Behringer UCA202; RE: [all-audio] Inexpensive USB Sound Card Question

Jerry Berrier <jlblists@...>

What about this one? I believe it cost me under $30.00 from Amazon. It does
not have physical knobs, but I use it all the time between my audio mixer
and PC.
Behringer UCA202 layout
1. The two rca jacks closet to the cable containing the usb connector
are the input jacks.
2. Next to these jacks is the monitor switch.
3. The other two jacs are the output jacks.
Opposite these jacks on the other side of the card is the headphone jack.
Opposite the output jacks is a volume control.

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Do any of you have recommendations for an inexpensive USB sound card to use
with laptops that do not have Line In jacks? I am looking for a way for
someone to be able to record from a cassette deck but not necessarily with a
lot of bells and whistles. A primary use would be for converting cassettes
which are reasonably high quality but don't require professional quality bit
depth or sampling rates. Thanks.

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