Amazon Echo Show Second Generation

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

I ordered one of these devices, the plan is to set the Echo Show in the centre of my kitchen table for the benefit of guests - who may be able to see the screen for time and weather etc - as well as myself.
I found a page regarding accessibility for the Amazon Echo Show Second Generation at which is an interesting read, I didn’t know that the Echo Show Second Generation had amazon’s VoiceView Screen Reader as part of the bundle for example.
So this brings up the 40 million dollar question doesn’t it.
Just how much of Android will VoiceView allow me to access through the Echo Show and what sort of Apps will I be able to install and how accessible will they be? I guess only time will tell.
I should have my Amazon Echo Show Second Generation later this week.
Perhaps other list members have experience in using one of these devices.