Capturing audio/using virtual audio cable

Sajid Ali <sajidaliuk@...>

Hi everybody,
Thank you very much for allowing me to join the group. I’m Sajid from the United Kingdom. I do have an interest in recording with audio. I hope this question is not too long winded for you. I’m very keen to use my phone to capture audio in conjunction with my computer. Basically I would like to copy the audio of my phone onto my computer but also be able to talk at the same time. I’m hoping in the future to use Skype/zoom for a similar purpose but I’m wondering what program should people suggest as it’s all quite new for me but I hear that virtual audio cable is a favourite of a lot of people. I would like to learn how to use this and have somebody explain to me how it works and if there is a good tutorial out there. I’m always up for trying different methods of recording.I did hear about USB mixers, but I don’t know how well I’d be able to do that. I am prepared to learn and understand it better.
Hope somebody can help
All the best
Many thanks, Sajid.