Bluetooth Audio Receiver to automobile

Tony Sweeney <tonymsweeney@...>

Hi folk,

Thanks for response to date.

I'm aware that the receivers may not provide the best audio but for a car/vehicle I could live with that.

The automobile has a standard three MM socket.

I think from reading another thread here it might appear that I'd need to upgrade the receiver to maybe Bluetooth 5?

I just need to know what version of the receiver to buy?


On 03/09/2020 14:09, stewartross via wrote:
re the audio receivers
i beleve u can get dab to fm and fm to dab converters for your cars.
re those fm transmitters there ok but not bery powerful.
if u no someone who can build u one that might be a result.
also the audio from those fm senders r crap and don't have the correct preemthasist in them.
from stew
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What types of connections do your car system have? Does it have an aux jack which would be the size of a standard headphone jack? Or possibly bluetooth built in? Or is there no connections on the front like that? If that's the case you might have to pull out the stereo and see if there's another way to connect that. I'm leaving it open for anybody to please correct me if I'm wrong because I don't know that much about car stereos. I do know somebody who used to have a device called an FM transmitter that they'd plug into the cigarette lighter and they could tune to an FM frequency on their car radio and set this thing to run on that frequency provided there was no local station on that frequency. He could connect his phone to the transmitter and it would send the music to the car stereo through the frequency on the car radio. It wasn't perfect but it worked when there was nothing better. Best,

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On Sep 2, 2020, at 3:40 PM, Tony Sweeney <tonymsweeney@...> wrote:
???Hi Gina, all,

We are wondering what kind of Bluetooth Audio Receiver we can get for our Seat vehicle?

We have one about over a year old but whereas it works in the home it doesn't unfortunately work in the car.

As a matter of interest we use a detachable speaker in the vehicle which works not too dad but it would be great to be able to connect the iPhone to the car's own sound system.

So which BAR model should we get?


Tony Sweeney

On 01/09/2020 22:27, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello Steve,

I believe they have stopped making them but I am sure you would be able to get one from somewhere. I am talking about the Google Chrome Audio Cast It is a little run disk shaped unit with a 3.5mm socket. Which you can plug into your amplifier. For the money they are excellent sound quality. A great way to stream audio.

I am not sure but an Echo Dot linked to your amplifier would also work if you paired via bluetooth your computer. Sound quality not as good as the audio cast but very reasonable.. You could probably ask the echo to play your favourite  radio station. So no computer needed.


On 30 Aug 2020, at 22:58, Steve Gomes <> wrote:
I have all of my music as mp3 files on the computer. The computer is
upstairs and the stereo is downstairs in a town house. For about four years
I used an audio engine w3 wireless to send the music down to the stereo. It
would cut out once in a while it wasn't too bad but lately it cut out so
many times that I couldn't stand it and took it out. Then I took an old
computer moved it downstairs  put the music on it and used a cable  from the
sound card  to the stereo. It works fine. This old computer cannot have
access to the internet. Also I like to listen to accuradio. So I can only
listen to my collection. That's okay. When I get a new computer, I will put
my current one down there and hook it to the stereo and wirelessly have it
connect to the modem upstairs. The computer has a little antenna on it so I
think I can use wi-fi to get the internet that way. I wish I could use just
one computer and send the music downstairs but I don't think that is
possible. The town houses are attached and everybody has wi-fi and wireless
everything which interfered with the audio engine. All of this stuff is on
the 2.4 gigahertz band. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could send the
music downstairs without interference?  We can't use a long cable. No longer
than ten feet. Also I use winamp 566 to play the music. Is there another
program that you think works better? I have about 18 gigs of it. thank you
very much

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