Plantronics Back Beat Pro 2 Bluetooth headphones sound issue with Microphone

Yusuf Osman <yusuf.osman@...>

Hi, I'm using a Windows10 machine and the headphones in the subject line. I'm having a bit of a problem and was hoping that someone here might be able to help. I know of 2 people who are having similar issues, but with different Bluetooth headphones/Mic combinations.

In Zoom when I select the Plantronics as the speaker, with the name, headphones PLT-BBTPro Stereo the test sound is heard fine.

When testing the Microphone in Zoom, if I select my Plantronics headphones called, Headset PLT-BBTPRO Handsfree AG Audio, All sound stops. I can only get it back by switching to a different microphone.

I've read this
which suggests that when using the Mic the audio deteriorates because the Bluetooth profile changes from A2DP to HSP. It doesn't indicate that the sound would stop completely though.

Is anyone else using this headset or having a similar problem with other Bluetooth headphones?

Does anyone know a way round this issue?

If not what Bluetooth headphones are people using that will not have this problem?

It is very strange as when connected to my Pixel3 phone it works fine with both the Mic and sound coming out fine.