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Hello All,

I just saw this on the Reaper list and thought that those here who are not subscribed to RWP might like it.

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Hello all,

It's not time for my normal monthly mail-out yet, but I wanted to share a really exciting new free resource -- and I also need your urgent help!


Some of you may already have spotted Sound On Sound magazine's recent announcement of three new podcast channels. One of these is dedicated to recording and mixing, and they've commissioned me to deliver its first tutorial show, called 'Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips' -- which has just gone live today! The first episode is all about compressing snare drums, and you can listen to that for free here:

As you'll know if you've heard my Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast, I'm a big fan of audio examples, so I'll be using lots of audio illustrations in this new SOS show as a matter of course -- indeed, there are more than 20 processing demonstrations just in the first 15-minute episode! Also, because playback quality is so important for audio tutorials, I've arranged with the magazine that the podcast won't have any mastering processing applied to it, since that'd interfere with the audio illustrations. And I've also arranged with them that they'll host a lossless 24-bit WAV download of the episode that you can import into your DAW for critical listening.


If you like the sound of this new podcast, can I also ask for your help?

The reason this show is completely free to you is that it's being funded by the magazine, and they'll understandably be monitoring download/subscribe numbers to decide whether it's worth continuing. So I'd like to ask you please to download my first 'Expert Tips' episode and subscribe to the 'Recording & Mixing' channel TODAY OR TOMORROW (ie. Thursday or Friday). If SOS see a big spike in their metrics for the launch of this show, that'll send the most powerful message that you want them to continue commissioning my show in the long term.

But why the rush? Well, the magazine themselves will be ramping up general publicity for the 'Recording & Mixing' channel over the weekend, so if you don't download/subscribe before then, your response may just get lost in the noise, and won't as clearly indicate support for this specific 'Expert Tips' podcast. So if you want the magazine to continue financing my free tutorials, I'd encourage you to act now -- it only takes a few seconds to download and subscribe. Here's that link again:

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for another big new resource
announcement from me next week! I tell you, it's a three-ring circus
round here at the moment... :)


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