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Georgina Joyce

Hello Georgina,

Thank you for contacting Sound Devices. Thank you for your inquiry about accessibility regarding the Wingman application as well. I have contacted our marketing team, and I actually found the following response to a similar recent request:

The MixPre-3 II is fairly accessible to visually impaired users. I would recommend a Custom mode approach where the front-panel knobs can be set as the only gain control. Our Wingman app for iPhone works fairly well with the accessibility feature.

I don't have additional information regarding the Android platform, but I assume it is similar. I will pass your suggestions for accessibility along to Product Development, since this is a second request is a short period of time, which is awesome!

Thank you for your inquiry!

Best regards,
Danny Greenwald

Your original inquiry:
Is your app accessible on smart phones?
Explain the details about the environmental conditions when the issue occurred.
Hello, I am a potential new customer. I am blind and need a screen reader to read and guide interactions of a applications either on the PC or smart phone.

The blind community are very excited about 32 bit floating point recording. Because setting the gain stage correctly has always been a hit and miss affair. I am sure you know that the Zoom F6 is your competition and a few blind people have already recorded a guide on how to use the F6. They state that the app is partly accessible. However, I see your offering has an Android app too. I installed it on a Galaxy S8 hoping to see a dummy recorder to explore how accessible it is. Unfortunately, as I don't have a MixPre-3 I cannot evaluate accessibility.

Therefore, have your apps been built with accessibility in mind with equal access to all? Can the menu system be scrolled and selections made via IOS = VoiceOver Android = Talkback or in the case of Samsung phones Voice Assistant?

Such an investment for many of us is huge so we don't have the funds to buy and deal with accessibility later. So would one of your recorders supported by smart phone apps be accessible to screen reader users? Could someone honestly check and report?

Thank you


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