22,050Hz stereo vs mono

Curtis Delzer

Is the frequency response the same in both stereo in mono for *.wav files? someone told me some years ago that if a stereo *.wav file, it is 11,025 per side of frequency response, which I believe is about half that number for the high end of treble, e.g. 5512Hz meaning 22050 should be better if, that is if the sides in stereo actually use 22,050Hz. Speech should be ok up to 11,000Hz, because most sibilence don't reach that or nearly that. We don't wish to use a strange bit rate, but again, that question. I am not discussing *.mp3 files which are compressions and have their own algorithm.

THANKS for ideas and straightening out my thinking.


Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA