My Adventures with my Blue spark Blackout

Merv Keck <blind5sparrow@...>


I wanted to conclude my story about my Blue spark here. I hope this is not
considered being too chatty. I am doing this because I took the advice of
the group and ended up with a Rode Microphone instead. the one everyone
recommended. I still have the Apogee One Plus One so I only needed one for
vocal work and got the one that amazon had for around $260 US$ with a few
accessories. I'm blanking out on the model but in a big hurry at the

I had originally ordered the Blue spark during the week of amazon Prime for
about half of that and after six weeks of waiting I finally got refunded
when it did not arrive. The company said it was defective so they recalled
it and failed to notify me. I made out on the deal. I think the one I have
coming Friday is the NT1. I looked at both the NT4 and the NT1A anniversary
but decided on the one that everyone recommended.

Thanks everyone for their advice. I'll report on how it goes with what I
want to use it for.