Understanding the Behringer Q802USB via a Mac

Georgina Joyce

Hello All,

I have joined this list because I am struggling to get some new equipment working and could do with some help.

I have, Behringer Q802USB. An Audio-Technica ATR-2100. I want to take the audio from a Windows PC via the mixer and record from the mic and PC on my Mac. However, I can select USB Audio Codec as my input source on OS-X but the level controls are greyed out in Amadeus Pro. I only have headphones for monitoring the mixer's activity. I see from several youtube videos that this mixer cannot use the USB connection as both input and output. I have understood the USB Phones button needs to be pressed but any combination does not provide the Mac with the mixer input.

Once I get that situation sorted out I need to understand how to set up the stage. i.e. I don't understand how to use the level controls with the monitor and master controls as there is no switch to turn a channel in or out of the master.

Does anyone have the 802 USB or similar and can they nudge me into the right direction?



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