Such a frustrating experience trying to get myself a Talking Smart TV here in Mexico!

Gerardo Corripio

It’s such a frustrating experience here in Mexico,to get myself an accessible Smart TV! The store folks just don’t understand what I’m looking for! They want to sell me TVs with Google Assistants, or they say that I’d need to buy another control that’d allow me to use the voice feature? I was wondering if any of you guys with accessible Smart TVs have uploaded a Youtube video explaining and demoing the TV, form how to set it up, and what it should do to make it accessible? I’m on the ookout for an LG model if this helps some. If I had some sort of a Youtube video, I could show the store people, to first make it talk in the store, just to be sure that I’ll get no surprises upon my arriving home with the new TV! Here in Mexico there’s no thing as refunds; if you buy something, you’re out of luck! The way I’m explaning to the store people is by showing them my iPHone in that while I swipe my finger, the icons are read; on the TV as you move with the remote, a voice tells you what icons you’re passing, allowing you to interact. Thanks for any more tips you guys might have, or as mentioned before, if any of yu guys have recorded a podcast, or Youtube video showing your LG accesible Smart TV I could use in this endeavor? I’m hoping I’ll be able to find one here in Mexico that talks! If not...

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