Notes on VLC Media Player

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Okay folks a few things I discovered when using VLC Media Player for Windows just now.
In the Media menu there’s a “Recent” menu where 10 of the most recent tracks or streams played etc are stored.
You can scroll through the list or perhaps even better you can access each of the 10 items via a shortcut key, CTRL-+ 0 through 9 will access the items in the recent list in the order played.
Also take advantage of the very powerful context menu options available for VLC.
For example suppose you have a folder filled with thousands of songs you can go to the folder in File Explorer, right click on it and choose Add to VLC Media Players Playlist and start the party.
You can search for titles within VLC of course, randomly select, save out to a playlist and so it goes.