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I would've gottin the ls100 if I did not own the ls14. But Yes, the
zoom h1n is really quieter than the h1 and its very usable for
example, to switch the limiter its just one button press toggle, and
for overdub you just press record and play together. I will probibly
like the eltrinex if its performing better than the e-10 regarding
radio and such, but yes when it comes to peure recording tasks than
rather olympus or zoom for the money. I will be scaired though for the
multi trac options except for the ls100, because in such case you
cannot just set menus and forget, what about your tracks and the
constant changes you make their? I cannot phone be my eyes or neighber
every few seconds for that.

On 21/06/2018, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:
Fair point. That’s where the Olympus LS-100 comes into its own as it has
physical phantom power switches for the XLR inputs.

On 21 Jun 2018, at 1:23 pm, Hamit Campos <> wrote:

Yeah turning off and on Phantum maybe 1 thing. Cause if you don't need it
or if you wana use a mike that doesn't take it Neal always always warns to
shut it off. Love his tone of extreamly dangerous he uses when he does

On 6/20/2018 9:47 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
That's just the point.
You can set things to a default state and not worry about them.
Who cares if you're making recordings at a higher bit rate than needed.
At least the recording will be good so the only thing you really have to
worry about is having enough memory for that recording.
Memory is dirt cheap these days so this won't be a problem.
As for recording in MP3 mode? That's something I very rarely do but if I
want MP3 from my Zoom H6 then I just transfer the files I've recorded
over to the PC and have the PC sort all that out.
I've taken enough notes on the menu system for my Zoom H6 that I can get
around the system and make those changes I need to make but in the main I
don't need to touch anything there.

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Well let's take the Zoom F8 as an example. For my example I'll use
myself. Most things will be set it and forget it. Format for the most
part I'd set to 192 KHZ 24 bits. Phantum power I might to save battery
set it to 24 vults or heck even 12. Cause I think I red my AT-8022 can
work with only just 11. pre record set it to the full 6 seconds. Done.
Now others may do differently, but what I guess I'm saying I'd only reset
things or set things keeping in mind the fact this doesn't talk.
But I would ask someone. Or yeah maybe Be My Eyes could come in handy.

On 6/20/2018 6:26 PM, Anders Holmberg wrote:
I somewhat agree with you Dane.
However some might not have the situation with sighted people around you
which imho is a must if you buy something that’s not talking or has a
display where reading is important.
However i agree i would also not buy a talking microwave as long as i
can use a les expensive one with more features.
The same for a recorder and whatever audio toy you might get.
But now a days we have got some new interesting things with all new
services that comes around.
I haven’t tested Be my eyes yet but they say its a pritty good service
so one might not need sighted friends around.
Just my 2 cents.

20 juni 2018 kl. 15:10 skrev Dane Trethowan

Having looked at the recorder I wouldn’t describe it as having
outstanding features.
This product has been designed around accessibility and that’s a good
thing but for a recorder itself? Well its not outstanding even at its
price point.
For me a recorder is a recorder meaning I want the recorder to do
exactly what it was designed to do, record and record as well as my
finances will allow.
To put it another way, I know there are talking microwave ovens
available but they cost hundreds of dollars.
So the question is why pay hundreds of dollars when you can purchase a
very good oven for no more than a couple of hundred dollars at most
which has far more functionality than the talking microwave itself?
Grant you the Talking microwave talks but has limited cooking functions
and cooking functions are exactly what I buy a microwave oven for.
Similarly I buy a recorder to record and - whilst Voice Guidance is a
very nice and appreciated touch - its not the be and end all when
making a choice for a recorder.
An FM radio in a recorder? Yeah a nice and convenient tool to have
perhaps not not an essential feature.
The bit depth and sampling rate won’t worry those who are wanting to
use the recorder for note taking but again why would you pay for a
product of inferior audio quality when the Olympus LS-P4 - which is a
far more powerful recording instrument - is around the same price?
And of course there are other recorders out there other than those
we’ve been discussing, the Zoom H1N comes to mind and I really must try
one at some stage to see if its better than my Zoom H1 machine which I
still treasure as that was my first field recorder.

On 20 Jun 2018, at 10:43 pm, Hamit Campos <>

Yeah I'd love to hear how this Eltrinex recorder sounds. Cause if it's
real accessible and real good sounding than that's great.

Especially for someone who wants accessibility. Cause apparently this
has more accessibility then the Olympus recorders. But again this from
what I heard in the clip could have a synth of some sort. Olympus just
has a lady say stuff and they connect her recordings to each menu
choice. Which is a great idea but it means that total accessibility
like a plextalk would mean haveing this person speak every single
little thing this rcorder does. Which as we've seen with the P
recorders they have had her say some more but we aren't DM-4 level
On 6/20/2018 7:00 AM, Don Breda wrote:
Dane I decided to give the eltrinex recorder a try since for messages
and other notes it really stands out in its capabilities.

I did purchase one yesterday and will give it a try.

I will report to the list on its prose and cons and maybe share a few
recordings once I have had it for a while.

I will be returning the ls-p1 for a full refund.

I do have an ls-14 for high quality recordings although these days I
usually use my iPhone for that so we shall see what happens with
regard to the eltrinex.


On 19-Jun-18 7:40 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
In these situations I always hope I’m wrong, so are you going to
have the P1 swapped for a P4 or think about something entirely

On 20 Jun 2018, at 5:50 am, Aidan <>

Well, this eltrinex don't have xlr and such for hamit, so I guess
its sort of comparible with pocket or higher. Since it don't seem
to have stereo microphones I cannot recall.

On 19/06/2018, Aidan <
<>> wrote:
Olympus dm7.

On 19/06/2018, Bob Hicks <
<>> wrote:
What is the complete model name of the DM 7? tnx

Have a great day!

Bob Hicks

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Of corse olympus continued the work after the dm4, they done
the dm7 wich have improvements there. Example, on dm4 you had
to switch a setting on wich allow file names to be spoken, but
with dm7 there is no such thing, it just works. It read
everything even the password for wifi.

On 19/06/2018, Dane Trethowan <
<>> wrote:
I don’t want to spoil the party but I think you’re going to be
a little disappointed.

On 19 Jun 2018, at 8:39 am, Don Breda <>

Hi Dane.

I will report back tomorrow but my understanding is that the
ls-p1 is the
ls-p2 without the bluetooth feature.

The manual seems to indicate that voice guidance is there but
I will confirm tomorrow.

Believe me if it doesn't its going back right away grin!


On 18-Jun-18 6:17 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
I hope I’m wrong, I think the LS-P1 is one of Those that
don’t have speech and not all Olympus recorders do.
As I understand it the LS-P1 is the model down from the
LS-p2 and lacks some of the functionality of the P2 including
Voice Guidance.
As per your question regarding TTS? I’ll need some help on
this but to my knowledge the DM4 was one of the few Olympus
recorders to have a fully fledged TTS built-in so that’s why
that particular model was able to handle so much more in the
form of Daisy books and so on.
It is a pity that Olympus never continued on with the good
work of the
DM4 to finish the job but there we are.

On 19 Jun 2018, at 6:55 am, Don Breda <>

Hi listers,

Eagerly awaiting the arrival tomorrow of my ls-p1 recorder
and had one question.

Does the ls-p series actually contain a text to speech
synthesizer as I am told the olympus dm-4 does?

I ask because I would like to give names to the folders on
the recorder and possibly create new ones and have their
names spoken.

Thanks in advance.


Those of a positive and enquiring frame of mind will leave
the rest of the halfwits in this world behind.

Those of a positive and enquiring frame of mind will leave the rest of
the halfwits in this world behind.

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