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Well, this eltrinex don't have xlr and such for hamit, so I guess its
sort of comparible with pocket or higher. Since it don't seem to have
stereo microphones I cannot recall.

On 19/06/2018, Aidan <> wrote:
Olympus dm7.

On 19/06/2018, Bob Hicks <> wrote:
What is the complete model name of the DM 7? tnx

Have a great day!

Bob Hicks

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Of corse olympus continued the work after the dm4, they done the dm7 wich
have improvements there. Example, on dm4 you had to switch a setting on
allow file names to be spoken, but with dm7 there is no such thing, it
works. It read everything even the password for wifi.

On 19/06/2018, Dane Trethowan <> wrote:
I don’t want to spoil the party but I think you’re going to be a
little disappointed.

On 19 Jun 2018, at 8:39 am, Don Breda <> wrote:

Hi Dane.

I will report back tomorrow but my understanding is that the ls-p1 is
ls-p2 without the bluetooth feature.

The manual seems to indicate that voice guidance is there but I will
confirm tomorrow.

Believe me if it doesn't its going back right away grin!


On 18-Jun-18 6:17 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
I hope I’m wrong, I think the LS-P1 is one of Those that don’t have
speech and not all Olympus recorders do.
As I understand it the LS-P1 is the model down from the LS-p2 and
lacks some of the functionality of the P2 including Voice Guidance.
As per your question regarding TTS? I’ll need some help on this but
to my knowledge the DM4 was one of the few Olympus recorders to have
a fully fledged TTS built-in so that’s why that particular model was
able to handle so much more in the form of Daisy books and so on.
It is a pity that Olympus never continued on with the good work of
DM4 to finish the job but there we are.

On 19 Jun 2018, at 6:55 am, Don Breda <> wrote:

Hi listers,

Eagerly awaiting the arrival tomorrow of my ls-p1 recorder and had
one question.

Does the ls-p series actually contain a text to speech synthesizer
as I am told the olympus dm-4 does?

I ask because I would like to give names to the folders on the
recorder and possibly create new ones and have their names spoken.

Thanks in advance.


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