Re: Looking for Audio Editor Simpler Than GoldWave

Evan Reese

Thanks Steve,
That's pretty much it, although I guess I should have added that I also need to merge files once per month. I don't really need anything else to do that though because I do use GoldWave for that and it's very easy.

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If that's so, then yes, MP3DC is a perfect fit. I guess I got stuck on
the word "editor".

On 12/2/2017 3:14 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
I respectfully must disagree; MP3 direct Cut is a good program! Certainly
it may be that Goldwave can do more things, but if I understood the original
post correctly, he wants to cut things from files and adjust volume (MP3
does what is required here and you've gotta love the price!
Tom Kaufman

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From his undoubted fount of knowledge, (and I've known Steve for a few years
now) Steve Matzura wrote:

. . . removed. Its interface is klugey at best. You'd be much better off
with GW if you want to do anything fancier than simply clipping out
portions of MP3's. I know it's a little tedious to learn, but once you do,
you'll rule your audio editing world.

Steve, fully agreed, but as for tedius, I disagree, I found it easy even
though it does not fully follow all the windows conventions, then again,
neither do any of the other audio-processing programs at which I have
looked. For instance Winamp, even those produced by MicroSoft such as Media
Player, don't fully follow the windows conventions.

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