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Not sure. This is not happening on my Windows 10 machine, running the last stable build of winamp, which is 5.666 or something. This is the version recommended for windows 10 users, but nevertheless, I did try older versions first and they did not load apreciably slower. All I can suggest is searching on the Internet/forums using google to see if anyone else has had the same problem. I'd say this saves my arse nine times out of ten when I have a technical issue; ther'es usually someone else who's experiecned the same thing somewhere.

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Hi all,
Running windows10 home.
Winamp seems to take over a minute to load when playing mp3 files.
If I open the same file using groove music or another program it opens instantly.
Have removed winamp and reinstalled again with the same result.
No plugins are installed in winamp.
Have temporarily disabled anti virus with the same result.

Any ideas?



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