Seeking tips/tricks for using a Cool Stream Pro device

Gerardo Corripio

I've been on here for several weeks, but first time posting to you'll. I've got from an uncle who no longer uses it, a Cool Stream Pro device: this device allows you to use stereos and other speakers lacking Bluetooth capabilities, as Bluetooth speakers, which is something I've always longed for! but I've got several questions, hoping there might be someone out there with one of these:

1. There's a switch on the middle of the device, which I imagine for
charging it's on the right position, which is where my uncle left
it? I've on the stereo's iPod dock and it feels warm. I imagine it's
2. Is this device both a transmitter and a receiver? Or what is the
switch to the left for?
3. I've a Panasonic Stereo System from 2013, whose model has an iPod
30-pin dock; my original plan was to connect the Cool Stream Pro to
this stereo's 30-pin iPod dock for using it stereo as a bluetooth
speaker, but sadly I plug into the dock, but no audio comes out of
my stereo as one would expect! I tested the device with another
smaller speaker with also an iPod dock, and it works beautifully! So
I'm not understanding if it's the stereo's fault, or what the deal
is, thus if any of you guys would happen to know? I move the switch
to either side, but still no audio comes out through the stereo's
4. As a last resort, I plan to use the Cool Stream device for my
upstairs stereo which is a Samsung, with no Bluetooth capabilities,
or 30-pin iPhone/iPod connector, thus I'd like to imagine that by
connecting the Auxiliary cable from my stereo to the Cool Stream's
jack, this would work?

Thanks for any info, or trips/tricks offered. I want to get the most use i can out of this device.
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