Re: OpenWebRX installs, works, but is not suitable

John Covici

I wonder if hdsdr would allow you to change the frequency the way you
want. I was looking at the keyboard shortcuts, but have not tried to
play much.

On Sun, 20 May 2018 23:23:58 -0400,
Aman Singer wrote:

Hi all,

I have installed OpenWebRX on the Pi and it works fine.
However, it doesn't allow the changing of the frequency on the RTLSDR from
the web. The Kiwi, it seems, just changes the frequency on the upconverter,
I don't want the 0-30 megahertz spectrum, my goal here is to get the higher
bands. Though the request to be able to change the centre frequency from the
web has been sent to the developer, he doesn't seem to be that interested

I am, therefore, still after an SDR application that will
let me accessibly use the dongle to access my frequency of choice. Any views
would be gratefully received, and I hope the report on OpenWebRX is helpful.


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