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Riana van der Walt <rianawalt@...>

Don't know about the preview, but Windows Mediaplayer is totally accessible
with that version of Jaws, rips dvds fine, is free and should already be
installed on your windows 7 computer.


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Hi. I'm trying to rip audio from some DVD discs using Windows 7 and Jaws
14.0. I tried using GoldWave but it told me that there was a data track
that was blocking me from saving content and, even when I changed the time
range (both to and from) so that the save window (similar to that in Windows
Explorer) appeared, it continued to state that my file couldn't read from
the DVD to actually save anything.
So, can anyone please advise on how to make GoldWave play ball or recommend
an accessible and free/cheap piece of software that will do the job
(including enabling me to monitor where the data track ends and the actual
content starts ... GoldWave wouldn't let me preview, even though I had the
correct playback options set)?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Take care, Danny

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