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Thanks Dane (I think)
I never heard of these but have been checking them out and discovered an outlet builds them nearby. I only looked out of curiosity but now I am so tempted.... I don't really need one but they are so appealing I keep thinking of potential use cases.


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For those looking for a box to use as say a media player by the bedside or something to hook up to the entertainment system in the lounge then you might like to take a look at some of Intel’s Nuc offerings.
I’ve built several of these machines here and what amazes me about the Nuc is what you get in the package.
I have one of the basic models in front of me on the desktop now, its around 4 inches square by 3 inches high and yet its dripping with functionality all over it.
Starting on the top lower left hand corner is the power button.
On the front panel are 2 USB 3.0 ports
On the left hand side is a SD card reader And on the back are 2 USB 3.0 ports, input for a power adapter, a HDMI port, headphones/optical digital audio out, VGA Video port and LAN port .
So that’s the connectors and then there’s the built-in stuff like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
This model is only a Dual Core unit running at 2.6GHZ but fast enough to browse the web, play media files, watch video and so on, I’ve not seen any sluggishness yet in all my tests with the Nuc machines I’ve had and again I’m using the very basic models.
This particular machine I’m using has 8GB of RAM installed and a 500GB to boot though storage wasn’t really an issue given the connectivity of this machine and given I have NAS storage available.
So a nice little piece of kit, the Nuc including parts worked out to well under $500.
I had to purchase the RAM and the Hard drive.
There are stores on eBay who will build the machine up to your particular specifications.

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